Critically Overdriven E.O.D. Overdrive (Used)

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Product Overview

Good condition Critically Overdriven EOD Overdrive! Here's a good spec and description of this great sounding overdrive! Made in USA! 

The E.O.D. is an overdrive designed to provide two levels of natural sounding overdrive and transparent clean boosts.
With the “Gain” knob turned all the way down, the E.O.D. is set into clean boost mode. The desired tone can then be set to match or enhance that of your amp using the “Bass/Mid” and “Treble” controls.The E.O.D. has an amazing ability to match the tone of the amp it is being played into. The desired level of output or “Boost” can then be dialed in with the “Volume” control.

The first level of overdrive is activated when the “Gain” knob is set between 8 and 3 o’clock. In this mode the “Volume” and “Treble” controls function the same way they do in clean boost mode but the “Bass/Mid” control undergoes a change. This control converts to a symmetrical configuration where 12 o’clock represents the minimum Bass setting and rotating the dial both clockwise and counter clockwise increases the amount of Bass present in the pedals output equally. Setting the “Gain” knob beyond 3 o’clock enables the second level of overdrive to be activated via the “Aggressor” switch. Both a gain and volume boost are achieved by activating this mode.

Switching is buffer bypass.  Placing the E.O.D. first on your pedal board will  help restore signal loss experienced with long true bypass pedal chains. Additionally the E.O.D. can be used to push your existing pedals to produce more tones.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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